How to Make Cutting of Fabric Panels Easier and Quicker

You have gotten your sewing machine all set up and are ready to get your quilting ideas off the ground but what about the endless pieces of fabric you’ll need? Fabric panels are probably the worst thing to deal with when you want to create gorgeous quilts because you have to cut out hundreds of little fabric pieces. This is not only frustrating but very time consuming and after a little while, you can get bored and scrap the project. However, you don’t need to give up on your quilting dreams, not if you know how to make cutting fabric panels easier and quicker!

Power Cutting

If you haven’t heard of power cutting before, you have been missing out. Power cutting really involves a simpler and faster way to cut panels of fabrics and all you need is a good rotary cutter! If you are dealing with smaller pieces of fabric you can absolutely use the rotary cutter to get through all the cutting and it can be far easier than you think! You however, must use the tools right and line up the fabrics with a straight line so that you can equal cuts and the panels look professionally made. When you have done this you can use them with your sewing machines and start quilting!

Why Power Cutting Is Best For Quilting?

It’s fast and effective. If you are going to take hours to create the fabric panels, you are going to easily find you get a bit bored at the prospect. Even if you don’t walk away, you can spend a full day cutting the fabric panels for the quilt and that’s frustrating to say the least. You have to think about what is best to help you out and what’s going to be easier as well. With the use of power cutting, you can cut out your panels and get started quicker. This will make your sewing more enjoyable and it will certainly enable you to get the results you want as well. It’s a lot easier to use power cutting than you think and it can be very effective too.

How Big To Cut the Fabric Panels

You can cut the fabric panels as big or as small as you like. There are no rules over how big the fabric panels should be to use them. Some people will prefer to work with larger panels to create a quilt quicker but others prefer smaller panels. The choice is yours, but just remember to ensure the panels are equal in size and shape so that the quilt can look better. Most sewing machines will be able to handle hours of sewing so you don’t want to waste that time cutting out hundreds of fabric panels. You want to be able to do this quickly and with power cutting you can do just that.

Sew With Ease

Quilting is a very enjoyable hobby and there are millions who create new family quilts, passing them on down the generations. You can make this a fun and exciting project for your family too and creating the fabric panels can be far easier too. Once you cut out the panels, you are good to go and you shouldn’t have as much trouble as you think. Put your sewing skills to the test and create gorgeous homemade quilts.

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