Which Sewing Machine Is Best For Quilting?

Sewing is a very popular pastime with thousands of women and men taking up the reigns every single day. You can do a lot with some fabrics and thread and creating gorgeous quilts are very popular also. However, if you love quilting and want to take this up as a part-time activity or hobby, you might find it a bit easier to use a sewing machine. Sewing machines are great because they can go at twice your sewing speed and it can certainly make things far easier for you. However, which machine is the best one for quilting?

The Singer 9960 Quantum Stylish 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced quilter or a beginner, the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylish 600-stitch computerized sewing machine has to be amongst the very best ones of today. This machine is powerful and certainly offers everything a person will need when it comes to quilting. Of course, this machine is an advantage to those with experience simply because they will know how to use the amazing features from the buttonhole features to the bobbins features. It also comes with over twenty needle positions, an automatic electronic thread trimmer, an LCD Screen and many more features as well. As sewing machines go, this is truly the best. This is a fantastic machine and certainly one for those who love quilting.

What about the Best Machine for Quilting?

While the Singer 9960 is one of the very best, it might not come into everyone’s price range and so if you’re looking for a more budget friendly machine, the Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing machine might be more your fit. Now, there is nothing wrong with the Singer but if you’re struggling with costs, you have to look at what’s more within the budget. This sewing machine offers many good features such as an auto needle thread feature, adjustable speeds and buttonhole features. It’s an ideal option for beginners onwards which can be great to help dip your feet in the water. For those who aren’t sure about a lot of fancy features, this is the best for you at this time.

What You Must Consider

The above are two great options when it comes to sewing machines but they have to be the right fit for you as well. For example, if you have a tighter budget, you might find the Singer is not quite suitable as yet. What is more, you have to think about what is going to help you now and tomorrow. You don’t want to be constantly upgrading machines every few months as it can be very costly. It’s important to look at the type of speeds it has and features so that when you’re able to move onto the next quilting level, the machine is still able to offer you what you need. A lot of people don’t think about that and end up with a machine that’s good for only a few months. Always think about tomorrow and visit Jen’s Sewing Machine Website to see the best machines for quilting.

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Choose a Suitable Sewing Machine

While you might not think it’s important to get a sewing machine that lasts a lifetime, it’s vital. You want a machine that helps you while being a beginner but that also enables you to carry on and move forward to an intermediate level and then advance and expert. The right sewing machine should not only be affordable to you and fit your budget, but also offer a good range of sewing features that will help you whilst quilting. What is more, the sewing machine should offer the help you need too. Take the time and find the best sewing machine for quilting and hopefully it’ll last a lifetime.